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SB Nation Launches iPhone App; Get Orlando Pinstriped Post on Your iPhone

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SB Nation is proud to announce the release of the SB Nation iPhone app, which is now available, free, from the App Store. Watch a video demonstration here.

The app enables you to keep up with Orlando Pinstriped Post, as well as all the rest of SB Nation's 300-plus blogs, via your iPhone. In addition to bringing you OPP and all your other favorite SB Nation sites, the app allows you to track stories about your top teams and players, which you can customize to suit your interests. It also has the ability to read and reply to blog comments.

To get the app, you can visit the App Store on your iPhone and search for "SB Nation." Alternatively, you can visit this page and click "Download Now".

Again, the app is free to download. Note that you can use your existing SB Nation username and password to log in.

Additionally, SB Nation plans to release a version of the app for the Android by the end of the year, with any luck. Further, SB Nation intends to enhance the commenting feature in future versions of the app.

I encourage you to try the app, and if you enjoy it, please write a positive review. I don't have an iPhone myself, but I do intend to pester my friends to let me use one of theirs so I can tool around with it. At times, I feel like the only person without one. And I've never been sorrier about it than I am right now.