Vázquez Re-Signs With Regal FC Barça for One More Season


Despite rumors that he'd finally be joining the Orlando Magic this offseason, big-man Fran Vázquez, once uppon a time the 11th pick in the NBA Draft, re-signed with Regal FC Barcelona today, in order to remain in Spain for one more season. Throughout the season, it really seemed like Vázquez was ready to come over. He turned down a lucrative, long-term extension and accepted a decreased role on the team with his mouth shut, even though it was clear pay back for basically making it clear he'd be taking over, which cost him a place in the national team for the upcoming EuroBasket. Vázquez's decision probably indicates a lockout really is looming in the National Basketball Association. He didn't make all the sacrifices and prepared himself to come over and just got cold feet. It probably became clear to him, based on the information he gathered, that the league would face a work stoppage next season.