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Robbins: Get to Know the Orlando Magic's Coaches, Trainers, and Other Bench Presences

A team of the Orlando Sentinel's Josh Robbins (reporting), Karen Bellville Beaman (graphics), and Gary W. Green (photography) has created a handy, informative guide to who's who on the Orlando Magic's bench during games, one that's worth a read and a bookmark as a resource. "Who are these people and what are their responsibilities for games?" asks the graphic. Robbins fills us in on subjects from the obvious (coach Stan Van Gundy) to the more obscure (physical therapist Ed Manalo), and everyone in between.

With this graphic, learn which assistant coaches have which duties, which member of the support staff has seen "more Magic games than anyone alive," and more.

These men don't get nearly as much attention as the players on the court, but are indispensible to the team's day-to-day and game-to-game operations. Learn more about them in the graphic, which the Sentinel's team did an excellent job creating.