Deron Williams to NJ

Being reported by nearly everyone now, but here is the link from Yahoo Sports.

...and here is what Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted about the deal....!/WojYahooNBA/status/40440619373432832

The package is:

Derrick Favors + Devin Harris + NJ 2011 first round pick + GS 2012 first round pick to Utah


NJ gets Deron Williams.

Sounds like an AWESOME backup to the Melo deal, for less and a better player. I just wanted to say however, before Magic fans freak out about the deal and think Orlando could've gotten Williams, the first rounders NJ had to offer were much more appealing than what Orlando could've offered. The players involved would have probably had to be a combination of Richardson, Nelson and my guess is Ryan Anderson would almost have to be included as well as at least 2 first round picks. So it isn't exactly like Orlando could've came up with a better deal than the Nets.

I just can't believe how quickly all of this transpired. Zach Lowe tweeted how there was not a peep of this over the entire All-Star weekend. Also, as an interesting note in this day and age, the trade was allegedly discussed, proposed, and completed all before Deron Williams even became a trending topic on Twitter, which is almost unheard of.

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