Wizards Could Be Major Contenders for Howard

I'm just going to copy and paste a section from this article that caught my eye:

The Nets are just as bad, of course. Watching New Jersey in warmups, I saw a team that's treading water with a unit comprised of trade pieces and D-League pick-ups. Except that as bad as it seems, I thought, "Dwight Howard could transform that team overnight." Watching the Wizards over the next 48 minutes, I realized that D.C.'s no different. Or they shouldn't be. Hear me out for a second.

[/deep breath]

Even if D.C. isn't on Dwight Howard's list of trade destinations, why not make a play at the trade deadline? What's to lose if you're already losing 20-point leads to the Nets on opening night?

Because you're already laughing, here's the proposal:

That gives the Magic Javale McGee -- a better prospect than Brook Lopez and maybe Andrew Bynum, depending on how you feel about Bynum's knees -- plus two first round picks, a lottery pick from 2011, a first-rounder in 2010 (Crawford) and $20 million of salary relief when Rashard Lewis gets bought out after this year. Not a bad haul, all things considered.

In exchange, the Wizards get Dwight Howard and the chance to pay him a lot of money this summer, they take back J.J. Redick's contract, Hedo Turkoglu (the Turkish Andray Blatche) and his massive deal, and Big Baby, whose experiment in Orlando arrives at a merciful end a few months earlier than expected. The salaries all match up and the trade works here.

Why not roll the dice and hope a) Orlando can't get a better offer and b) Howard sees John Wall and the D.C. market, and decides to stay put. Washington could amnesty Turkish Blatche and they'd have plenty of cap room to build around Howard and Wall next summer. For Orlando, they'd have a few new pieces and plenty of picks and cap room to press the reset button.

From a Wizard fan's perspective, I would do it...I'm just wondering what you guys would do.

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