How Orlando can trade Howard & be OK

Try this on for size Magic fans, see how it tastes.

Trade Machine Link – Not a crazy one

For those too lazy:

Orlando sends: Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu to LA

LA sends: Pau Gasol to Houston, Andrew Bynum, LA 1st available 1st round pick (maybe 2012, maybe 2013), newly acquired Mavs 2012 1st round pick from Lamar Odom deal to Orlando

Houston sends: Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Knicks 1st round pick to Orlando

Why Orlando does it: Obvious. Dwight wants out, fine. Take Hedo with you. Bring in legit Center, best scoring 2 guard since T-Mac, and solid PF in Scola. Draft picks out the butt.

Why LA does it: They covet Howard more than anything and will do whatever it takes to get him. This would be a no-brainer for them. Plus, they’re now in a bidding war with NJ for Howard and must meet Orlando’s demands because they can’t sign Dwight outright this summer.

Why Houston does it: Have already agreed to send everything mentioned above to NOLA in the fallen-apart (again) Paul deal. They get the big man they wanted from the beginning.

Everyone wins (except us, who lose Dwight) but hey, we get a pretty nice parting gift.

I can’t see a plausible scenario where any of the teams combined say no. What does it mean for our short-term future? Keeps us in contention in the East. We get a ton of flexibility in this year’s draft (most talented draft since ’03) which will give us plenty of options to move up/acquire pieces to build around for the future.

Long term: We now will have a glut of PF guys (if Big Baby deal is still on) with Scola, Baby, Anderson and Harper. Thats never a bad thing. Each can be easily moved to help improve draft position this year while the rest stay on for relatively cheap deals. SG spot is also loaded (if J-Rich is still here, which, as long as the deal is actually done, will be true. J-Rich, Martin, JJ and Liggins. Glut of wing guys isn’t ever a bad thing either.

Weak spots: PG and SF.

Answer: Trade our depth, use draft to fill voids at PG and SF.

Editor's Note: As MagicFaninTN astutely pointed out to me on Twitter, why not make LA take back Chris Duhon and Houston send us Goran Dragic as well? I like it.

Here's that link added in.

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