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NBA Lockout: November Games Canceled, Negatively Impacting Potential Orlando Magic Schedule

The NBA lockout which began July 1st--a full 120 days ago--continues to drag on as the latest round of talks between the league's owners and players broke down Friday, resulting in the cancelation of an additional two weeks of games. All told, the league has lost its entire November schedule. The owners and players have yet to agree on how to divide the league's revenue; the players, who earned 57 percent under the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, refuse to go lower than 52.5 percent in these negotiations. Meanwhile, the owners want the players to accept a 50/50 split.

The two sides must also address other issues, such as drug testing, age limits, and potential amnesty clause which would allow teams to eliminate one player's salary from its cap figure. However, the sticking point in these negotiations remains the revenue split. If and when the players and owners can agree to a resolution there, they shouldn't need too much longer to address the lower-order concerns.

Should the two sides reach an agreement on a new CBA before having to cancel more games, the Orlando Magic's season would begin December 3rd against the New Jersey Nets at Amway Center. They'd then embark on a five-game, nine-day road trip to take on the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Oklahoma City Thunder before returning home for a date against the Sacramento Kings on December 16th. Another two-game road trip follows the Sacramento contest, meaning seven of Orlando's first nine games would take place away from Amway Center.

Friday morning, Deadspin reported ticket-sales representatives for the New Jersey Nets and Philadelphia 76ers had been told to prepare for the lockout to end soon. SB Nation NBA editor Tom Ziller, citing a source, said such warnings are not new and ought not be a sign that an end to the lockout is near.