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Dwight Howard's NBA All-Star Game Shoe, the Adidas Super Beast: A Closer Look

adidas; used with permission
adidas; used with permission

Yesterday, the NBA announced the starting lineup for this year's NBA All-Star Game, which will include the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard at center for the fourth straight year. Today, adidas has released details on the uniforms for the game, as well as the shoes its athletes, including Howard, will wear. Howard is slated to debut a special, limited version of the adidas Super Beast, his second signature shoe from the three-stripe-branded company.

The Super Beast, pictured above, features three oversized stripes with fading colors "drawn from famous movie scenes where victims are unaware of imminent attack," says adidas. Additionally, smaller stripes meant to echo Howard's Magic uniform appear in the larger stripes, another element particular to Howard.

adidas has deployed SprintSkin and Torsion technology in the Super Beast. SprintSkin, in the shoe's upper, gives Howard support during sharp lateral movements. Torsion, in the midsole, permits the foot to rotate easily, yet prevents rolled ankles.

When it hits stores next month, the Super Beast will retail for $100.

For a look at Howard in adidas' Hollywood-inspired warmup uniforms for the All-Star Game, make the jump.

adidas says it designed the warmups for this year's exhibition with the red carpet in mind, as they're meant "to mimic a three-piece suit." Specifically, the jacket's cuffs have three snaps, while the jacket itself has a pocket "similar to a suit coat." Another touch? The lining of the jacket and the All-Star uniform itself have the same print.

Here's a rendering of Howard wearing the warmup:

adidas; used with permission