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Orlando Magic Hire Adonal Foyle as Director of Player Development

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images Sport
Gregory Shamus - Getty Images Sport

The Orlando Magic named Adonal Foyle their Director of Player Development this afternoon, they announced via a press release. Foyle played the final three seasons of his career with the Magic, and announced his retirement last month. At the time, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel wrote that Foyle "could be an idea fit" in this role. Apparently, the team agrees.

According to the release, here's what the Director of Player Development position entails:

In his role, Foyle will provide support for the overall development of the players, act as a conduit between players and management, and give assistance to the basketball operations department.

I can't think of a better candidate than Foyle to fill the position. He has clout with almost all the current Magic players, having been their teammate for at least a season. He's a guy they'll trust and respect. This is a tremendous hire. Congratulations to the Magic and to Foyle are in order.