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Orlando Magic News for September 29th: Resolving Issues Between Vince Carter and Dwight Howard; Brandon Bass and Rashard Lewis; and More

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  • Howard, Carter Now On the Same Page - Basketball News & NBA Rumors -

    Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD writes that Orlando Magic teammates Dwight Howard and Vince Carter "were rarely clicking at the same time" last season, but they've made the proper adjustments now. And they "feel more comfortable with one another," which is good news. I had suspected that they perhaps weren't at ease last season, but this article is the first one I've read that makes that point explicitly.

  • Rashard Lewis, Brandon Bass have never played together at forward spots – Orlando Magic BasketBlog – Orlando Sentinel

    Zach McCann points out that Rashard Lewis and Brandon Bass "have never actually played together in a regular-season game with a center on the floor." But with Lewis spending more time at small forward this season, and with Bass likely to crack the rotation, they'll have to play together this season. Coach Stan Van Gundy isn't concerned about their lack of familiarity with each other's game:

    "It’s like getting new guys," he said. "That doesn’t take long. That doesn’t concern me."