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Orlando Magic News for September 24th: Daniel Orton Will Not Scrimmage in Training Camp; Dwight Howard, Adonal Foyle Visit Haiti; and More

  • Daniel Orton hampered by knee injury with camp approaching – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel spoke to Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy about the status of rookie center Daniel Orton, who is battling a sore knee. He learned the ailment "will prevent Orton from scrimmaging with the team during training camp next week."

  • Dwight Howard and Adonal Foyle in Haiti - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

    Orlando Magic director of player development Adonal Foyle joined Dwight Howard in Haiti last weekend to help with the hurricane-relief effort. Foyle recorded some video and passed it along to Henry Abbott of ESPN's TrueHoop.

  • The Works: Don Nelson Remembered; Donnie Walsh's Knicks Regret -- NBA FanHouse

    Tom Ziller of NBA FanHouse weighs in on the variable pricing approach to tickets, which the Magic just adopted. Variable pricing adjusts ticket prices for a variety of factors, including the opponent and day of the week. It's why upper-bowl tickets to see the L.A. Lakers and Miami Heat will cost Magic fans $110, for example.

    Sports at the local level is all about loyalty and trust. Dealing with a ticket broker? That often elicits feelings other than loyalty or trust. Fans aren't naive; we know our favorite teams are business enterprises seeking profit, first and foremost. But a lot of the most insulting commerce regarding fandom -- overpriced tickets for big games -- typically happen outside the purview of the franchise. That's changing, and there's danger involved.

  • Some videos and images from Orlando Magic’s Disney partnership – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Zach McCann attended the announcement of Disney's partnership with the Magic this morning. He has photo and video from the event here.