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Disney Parks Becomes the Orlando Magic's Latest "Champions of the Community" Partner

Orlando Magic
Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic and Disney Parks today announced "a multi-year agreement" to make Disney a "'Champions of the Community sponsor'" for the team and its new arena, the Amway Center. Here's what the pact entails, according to a team press release:

Through the new agreement, the Orlando Magic and Disney Parks will seek opportunities to work together on outreach initiatives that benefit the community. The agreement also makes Disney Parks the presenting sponsor of the Amway Center atrium, gives Disney and the Orlando Magic the opportunity to develop and sell co-branded merchandise and provides the foundation for a variety of other marketing and community opportunities.

The release also mentions that Mickey Mouse presented Dwight Howard "with a 'mouse-warming' gift," which you can see in the photo above.

The Magic's other Champions of the Community partners are GEICO, PepsiCo, AirTran Airways, and Harris Corporation.