Gortat and Howard against Boston's bullies. Why not?

I was fortunate to be in my hometown of beautiful Orlando to see four home games. I payed $100 to sit center court about mid way back of a sold out game. I almost payed $350 to sit directly behind the Magic bench with free dinner and what not. I should have paid $350 and here's why.

The Magic got dominated. Through three quarters they couldn't put up an open shot. I was closer to sleeping than I was cheering.

The Orlando Magic, where obvious happens. Stan puts in Gortat and Howard finally at the start of the fourth. Now Orlando can compete with the fat and muscle Boston throws at them. We erase a huge deficit. Rashard wins the game with 1 second left and Rasheed Wallace air balls a three. That didn't feel good. It felt freaking amazing.

That was the best game I've been to since maybe 1995ish when the Magic went crazy to win in overtime against the Charlotte Hornets. I was 10 or something years old.

I said that to say this. What happened? Why did we get jerked around in the playoffs and pretend we never thought of Gortat and Howard together? Gortat is good, and if we could use him to play bully ball he would be so much more valuable to this team. Earn his salary kinda valuable.

Ben Q? Anyone? Why isn't this seen. Was that fourth quarter a fluke?

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