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Orlando Magic News for September 21st: Why the Team is Still in Title Contention, Stan Van Gundy Listed Among Best Coaches, and Dwight Howard in the Weight Room

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  • The Orlando Magic Remain Title Contenders For the Time Being | Magic Basketball

    Eddy Rivera explains why the Orlando Magic are still championship contenders:

    Rather than talk about a number of external factors that may or may not allow the Magic to win a championship in the immediate future, let’s direct the attention elsewhere.

    There are a multitude of reasons why Orlando is still an elite team and a title contender for the time being, but probably lower on the totem pole compared to teams like the Heat, Celtics, and Lakers.

  • Best Offensive and Defensive Coaches | Blog | Blog Archive

    Neil Paine takes a look at some of the best coaches, on both sides of the ball, in NBA history. His research shows that Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is the 14th-best offensive coach and 7th-best defensive coach, with a minimum requirement of 140 games.

  • MAGIC: Denton: Howard Gearing Up in Weight Room

    John Denton explains why Magic center Dwight Howard is going through such grueling workouts this summer:

    The mission for Howard is two-fold: Be enough of a rock to take a pounding from 300-and-something-pound Shaquille O’Neal, while also being athletic and agile enough to continue setting records for blocking shots and rebounding the ball.