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Where Dwight Howard Going the Extra Mile Happens

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If I'm going to make a post showing hardhat-clad Dwight Howard mugging with a urinal, it wouldn't make much sense for me to ignore a story about the Orlando Magic center granting a dying woman's wish with a two-hour visit at her home. The story's gotten a lot of play in the last few days--here it is at Ball Don't Lie, for example, while OPP user AB's triple double posted it in a FanShot--so you may have seen it already, but I don't see the harm in highlighting it again.

Mike Bianchi covered the story for the Orlando Sentinel here, while John Denton of posted his recap here.

I don't presume to know Howard personally--we've chatted a few times in a professional capacity--so I can't and won't argue that this gesture proves he's somehow enlightened or superior to mere mortals; using Kevin Durant as an example, Tommy Craggs recently wrote about the perils of the media lionizing athletes in this essential piece at Slate. But I will say that it's difficult for general NBA fans, or even just general human beings not to feel a bit better about Howard after reading about his generosity here.