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Dwight Howard Action Figure May Reveal the Orlando Magic's New Black Uniform

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Two NBA seasons have passed since the Orlando Magic introduced their latest uniform set, which means the team is eligible to add a third alternate uniform to the mix this season. And though nothing official or otherwise about the uniforms has come down the pipeline one way or the other, it sure looks like the third uniform will make its debut in 2010/11, if this new action figure, available for purchase at, of Magic center Dwight Howard is any indication.

The figure depicts Howard in a black Magic uniform with white pinstripes, with "ORLANDO" and his uniform no. also in white, and blue side panels as trim.

It's possible that this action figure is merely a red (pinstriped?) herring. We'll see soon enough if it's an accurate representation of the Magic's new threads, or if they're even getting new uniforms at all.

Orlando wore a black uniform with white pinstripes from its inception in 1989 to the 1997/98 season, after which it switched to a new uniform design and never bothered adding a black one. It seems to me that most Magic fans regard the original black uniform as their favorite.