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New Details About Orlando Magic Ticket-Pricing and Parking Options at the Amway Center Emerge

Fernando Medina - Orlando Magic; used with permission
Fernando Medina - Orlando Magic; used with permission

More information about how the business side of the Orlando Magic's operation will run in the new Amway Center is coming to light. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel reports the Magic will use variable ticket pricing for their 41 home games this season, meaning ticket prices will fluctuate based on the day of the week and quality of opponent:

The pricing system, which the team used for a majority of its home games last season and all of its 2010 playoff games, will enable Magic officials to change the costs of available tickets as the season progresses. The price of a single-game ticket could rise if the opponent adds a superstar through a trade. Or the price of a single-game ticket could fall if the opponent has lost key players to injury.

I can understand how this new system might be frustrating for fans who are dead-set on seeing powerhouses like the Miami Heat and L.A. Lakers, but Alex Martins makes a good point when he says, "it also creates the opportunity for an individual who simply wants to come see a Magic game to pay less."

On another arena note, the Sentinel's Dan Tracy just published this look at the numerous parking options Magic fans will enjoy near the new facility, though the best spots will cost $20, or double what parking at the old Amway Arena cost. However, there are less expensive options for patrons willing to take a walk:

Outside of the two close-by garages, the majority of the spots, both in garages and on the street, will cost $10.

Expand your horizons to a 10-minute walk, and there are more than 10,000 parking places. The old arena had fewer than 4,000 spots nearby.

We're just 41 days away from the Magic's first game at Amway Center, which sold out in just over four hours.

UPDATE: And the Magic just announced that Geico has signed on as a "Champions of the Community" sponsor for the Amway Center. Here's some of the perks they'll receive, straight from the Magic's release:

As part of the ‘Champions of the Community’ relationship, GEICO will receive entitlement to the GEICO Garage, a parking garage adjacent to the Amway Center and located beside I-4. The entitlement to the City of Orlando parking facility will bring a revenue stream to the city. As another element of the partnership, GEICO also receives designation as the Official Auto Insurance of the Orlando Magic and beginning this season, will receive a digital signage package inside the Amway Center, presence on the Magic’s official website,, and will receive print advertisements in the game-day program, in-game radio spots and be incorporated into a number of promotions throughout the season such as giveaways and halftime sponsorship.