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Deeks: J.J. Redick's Contract with the Orlando Magic Worth Over $20 Million

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More details about the Orlando Magic's salary structure, specifically about J.J. Redick's front-loaded contract, have emerged thanks once again to the indefatigable Mark Deeks of Deeks just updated his NBA salary database again, and his latest addition includes Redick's previously unknown salary. We now know that Redick is owed $7.25 million this season, $6.75 million in 2011/12, and $6.19 million in 2012/13, for a total of $20.19 million.

But there's a previously unreported wrinkle to consider: the third year of that deal, which he originally received from the Chicago Bulls before the Magic matched the offer, is unguaranteed. It will become guaranteed "if not waived on or before July 8, 2012."

Not counting Jason Williams' minimum contract, to which he agreed this afternoon, Orlando's payroll for the 2010/11 season stands at $92,618,026. Over the next five seasons, the Magic are on the hook for over $281 million, including $63.4 million to Rashard Lewis and $54.2 million to Dwight Howard through 2013.