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Spears: Washington Wizards Could Be Orlando Magic's First Opponent in the New Amway Center

Perhaps the Sports Business Journal's initial report about the Orlando Magic opening their new building, the Amway Center, against the Miami Heat on October 28th was a bit premature. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports cites sources saying Amway Center will host its first game on October 27th against top overall draft choice John Wall and the Washington Wizards, which certainly diminishes the gravity and competitive appeal of the first game.

We won't have to wait long to find out which is more accurate: the league will unveil select games on its schedule in an NBA TV special tomorrow night at 7 PM, and will release its full slate of games on August 10th.

Regardless of the opponent, the Magic will make their first game at Amway Center into a real event; of that there should be little doubt. That said, taking on the most heavily discussed team of the offseason--or of any offseason in recent memory, really--would have only added juice to what already promised to be a must-see affair. I gather Magic fans will be disappointed if Spears' report proves accurate.