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Off-Day Open Thread: Does Fran Vazquez's Career Interest You?

Five years, one month, and 26 days have elapsed since the Orlando Magic used the 11th overall pick of the 2005 NBA Draft on Fran Vazquez, then a mere 22 years old. And Vazquez has still yet to play for the Magic, instead plying his trade in high-level leagues in his native Spain.

Yesterday, in an exhibition match against Team U.S.A., Vazquez tallied 8 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block in 14 minutes off Spain's bench--yes, he's good enough to play for Spain's national team--and looked NBA-ready. Mobile, with good hands, he'd make an excellent pick-and-roll partner for Jameer Nelson in Magic pinstripes. In June, the world-renowned Jonathan Givony said Vazquez "could start on a number of NBA teams."

But I'm wondering if any Magic fans care about Vazquez anymore, as I've received some heat in the comments section for writing about non-Magic players such as Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. Is Vazquez, who's still Magic property despite being a world away, still a subject worth your attention? Let me know in the comments and by voting in the poll attached to this post.