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Savage: Daniel Orton and Stanley Robinson Could Spend Time in the D-League, But Don't Count On It

On the Orlando Magic's official website, Dan Savage points out that the Magic have not used the NBA D-League since recalling Marcin Gortat from the Anaheim Arsenal in December 2007. But with raw rookies Daniel Orton and Stanley Robinson on the team, Magic president Otis Smith just might soften his stance on the D-League, though "that's far from a guarantee," as Savage explains:

While Orton, the team’s first round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, would clearly see more game action down in the minors, the organization believes he might be better served battling Dwight Howard and Gortat on a day-to-day basis in practice. Not only would Orton face a higher level of competition, but the sessions would also aid him in picking up Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy’s system.

But what of Robinson? If he makes the Magic's roster out of training camp and the preseason--which seems unlikely at this point, given that he'd cost nearly $900,000 after factoring luxury-tax payments, and doesn't figure to be an impact player as a 14th man--the Magic could send him to the D-League three times this year, at most. Could a minor-league stint be in his future?

While it appears that Orton won’t be D-League bound, at least for the foreseeable future, Robinson is a different story. The extremely athletic forward could benefit from the extra court time as he continues to develop his shot and advance his game to the NBA level.

"It could be more beneficial for him," Smith admitted.

There are other worthwhile bits in Savage's post, which I encourage you to check out.

We'll know the players' fates soon enough. My guess is that Smith will send Orton down during the team's season-long five-game road trip from January 8th through 17th before recalling him in time for the home game against Philadelphia on the 19th. And if Smith doesn't send him down by then, he probably won't do it at all.

As for Robinson, my feeling is that he'll play overseas if the Magic don't guarantee his deal. A person familiar with the overseas market said a number of teams would sign him "instantly" if he didn't make the Magic's cut. Furthermore, the difference in D-League salary and what the market might pay in Europe could exceed $150,000, said the source. It's worth mentioning that Robinson had to leave UConn for a time in order to support his two young daughters, per this AP report.