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Deeks: Orlando Magic Owe More Than $85 Million in Salary This Season

Mark Deeks, who runs the indispensable, has updated that site with nearly complete salary information on every NBA team, including the Orlando Magic; the only Magic contract figure on which he's unsure is J.J. Redick's. That's the link you should consult for every salary-related need you have, and not just for the Magic. Not counting Redick's salary, the Magic are on the hook for over $85 million this season, and that's before adding the dollar-for-dollar luxury tax payment. Orlando management is indeed shelling out to put a winning team on the floor this season.

Again, let me reiterate: Sham's info is rock-solid. If you're a general NBA fan, ShamSports is a top-five site you need to keep bookmarked, or in your RSS aggregator. I'm not kidding when I say "indispensable." He was generous enough to write this guest post on Otis Smith's cap-management for OPP last September.

His most recent blog post is this in-depth look at available free agents, at all five positions. Few people, if any, work harder than Mark does. You owe it to yourself to make him a regular read.