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Broussard: Chris Paul Lists Orlando Magic as Top Trade Choice

Orlando Magic fans' hysteria over New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul, who wants out of the Crescent City, can continue and may in fact reach an all-time high with this report from ESPN's Chris Broussard, who says Paul now ranks the Magic at the top of his preferred list--ahead of the New York Knicks--of destinations, which also includes the Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, and New York. From Broussard:

Paul believes the Magic, with Dwight Howard, would be a better fit for him. Also, Paul realizes the Magic have more to offer New Orleans in a trade and therefore views it as a more realistic landing spot.

Though exciting--Paul's the best point guard in the world, and it's not particularly close--it's useful to remember that the Hornets are under no obligation to trade him. Paul does not have a no-trade clause in his contract; the Hornets can deal him to wherever they choose, if they even want to at all.

Further, this report does nothing to change the Magic's interest in getting a deal done. The Magic like Paul, as does every other team in the league, and obviously are interested in him. It is nice to feel wanted, I suppose.

Marc Stein reported yesterday that Paul is scheduled to meet with new Hornets GM Dell Demps and head coach Monty Williams on Monday to discuss the team's direction. The situation can change between now and then, because just yesterday, the Knicks were said to top Paul's list.

Whatever the order, it's clear that Paul wants a change of scenery, and he considers Orlando an attractive destination. That's about all we know right now.