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Orlando Magic News for July 22nd: Evaluating Magic Contracts, and the Man Who Gave Them Out

  • 2010 NBA free agency: Best and worst deals by position - ESPN

    Tom Haberstroh of ESPN Insider says the Orlando Magic got "a veritable bargain" when they signed small forward Quentin Richardson, "a perfect fit for their four-out system," to a deal paying him less than $3 million per year. "It's a low-risk, solid-reward move that goes largely unnoticed in this free-agency climate," he says.

  • Joe Johnson, Amar'e Stoudemire among worst deals of summer - Britt Robson -

    But Britt Robson of Sports Illustrated isn't impressed with the four-year, $15 million contract the Magic gave Chris Duhon to back up Jameer Nelson at point guard, listing it among the summer's worst deals.

    Duhon is a decent defender and takes care of the ball, but he hasn't shot better than 42.1 percent in his six seasons, with a career mark of 39.3 percent. That's not going to foster the spacing coach Stan Van Gundy prefers in his half-court sets.

    Robson's overqualified for his job--seriously, he knows the game better than just about anyone else in the media--but I do think his failure to consider Duhon's exceptional passing ability makes his evaluation incomplete. But Duhon's poor shooting is indeed a concern.

  • The Worth of J.J. Redick " Pine Rider

    Pine Rider takes a look at J.J. Redick's contract in comparison to those of other complementary players around the league (via Ball Don't Lie)

  • Ranking All 30 NBA GMs, Where Kahn's Incompetence Is Surpassed -

    Mike Prada of SB Nation ranks Otis Smith as the league's 17th-best GM, citing his "spotty" drafting and tendency to overpay free agents. "It's hard to fail when you have Dwight Howard and an owner willing to spend," says Prada, though he praises Smith for showing "faith" in Jameer Nelson.