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Orlando Magic News for July 20th: An Unsettled Locker Room? Plus, the Latest on Matt Barnes

  • J.J. Redick Wants to Start, Brandon Bass Just Wants to Play - Eric Freeman - The Baseline

    In light of J.J. Redick's recent comments about wanting to start, and Brandon Bass' not-so-subtle reminder that he wants a rotation spot, Eric Freeman wonders if the Orlando Magic's locker room will be less friendly this season.

    This lack of salary hierarchy is effectively a recipe for in-fighting and discontent, the kind of things that can submarine a season if they're not handled correctly.

    The Magic don't have enough minutes for all these players, particularly in the frontcourt. It seems as if they have to trade [Marcin] Gortat and Bass for pennies on the dollar just to avoid locker room trouble.

  • Brandon Bass Says Play Me or Trade Me | Magic Basketball

    Eddy explains what Bass needs to improve in order to crack the rotation, and why he's already lost minutes to Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson. He makes a salient point when he observes, "Everyone for the Magic, except for Bass, is a good fit," and that the onus is on Bass "to change that, one way or the other."

  • Here’s why Matt Barnes’ plans to go to Toronto might have hit a fatal snag – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Last night, it appeared as though Orlando Magic free-agent forward Matt Barnes was headed to the Toronto Raptors. Now, the deal appears to be off. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel explains why that deal is impossible under the salary cap.

  • Twitter / Brian Windhorst

    Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer says this flub lets the Cleveland Cavaliers back into the Barnes sweepstakes, though they aren't offering as much money as the Raptors were.