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The Orlando Magic Should Consider Chris Quinn to Fill Their Third-String Point Guard Vacancy

In the coming days, Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith will consider the third-string point guard options available in free-agency, and he indicated last week that he would indeed "sit still for a week or so, let some things shake out" before making any moves. Chris Quinn is merely one possibility who merits attention, but he might be the best one.

Quinn spent last season with the New Jersey Nets after the Miami Heat dumped his salary on them; he played just 223 minutes over 25 games after the trade, meaning his stock may never have been lower. But as recently as the 2008/09 season, Quinn posted solid shooting and playmaking numbers, indicating he might be a hand-in-glove fit for Orlando.

That year was Quinn's second straight season shooting over 40% from three-point range and a Pure Point Rating over 4.7; for his career, those numbers shake out to 39.0% and 5.1, respectively. Though not always a threat to create for himself, and certainly not a guy who takes the ball to the rim (he tried six layups in 223 minutes last season), the Notre Dame product nonetheless can run an offense, move the ball, and shoot. In this way, he's quite similar to Jason Williams, whose return to Orlando seems unlikely after one season playing for the minimum there.

For context, consider that, in posting 1.119 points per shot on jumpers during the 2008/09 season, Quinn ranked 10th in jump-shooting efficiency among the 185 players to take at least 200 jumpers, according to Synergy Sports Technology. Yes, he faltered in limited minutes with a new team last season, but that poor showing is likely an outlier. Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus agrees that Quinn has some potential, saying he is "a competent backup option" so long as his three-pointers are falling.

Quinn would likely accept a minimum deal, or perhaps the bi-annual exception, to sign with any team. He's one of the top bargain point guards left on the market, and given his skill set, he would make a solid addition to round out the Magic's roster at 13 players.