New CP3 deal. I know I know...

But hear me out first. Bower is out as GM which means there will be more trade proposals coming down for Paul than before and with the ownership a mess, if Paul & his agent were approached with a way to get him here, he might be willing to go into the Hornets front office and demand a trade. So, here is my proposed deal. I know it seems like a lot to give up but it is Chris FREAKIN Paul!! haha. I have worked a few other scenarios including Houston in place of Minny, but I don't think they would be interested for what they would have to give up in order to be apart of this deal. Minny on the other hand has a sock puppet for a GM so they would be more likely to be had if you dangle a carrot they like. Anyway....have at it and tear it to pieces. Don't hold back, I wouldn't for any of you guys haha. Just know I will more than likely be coming back with another reason why I disagree/agree with you.

Here is the link to the Trade Machine, in case you want to look at it yourself.

ORL - Paul, Posey, Okafor, G. Stiemsma

NO - Carter, Nelson , Gortat, Beasley 2 future firsts from ORL

MIN - Dampier contract Orlando 2nd, $5 mil. trade exception from NO

CHA - Sessions, W. Ellington (UNC guy) Orlando 2nd

Hollinger Analysis by teams: Orlando - 3 win improvement; New Orleans - 7 less wins; Minnesota 1 less win; Charlotte 3 win improvement.

It should be noted that this Minnesota and Charlotte deal might already be in the works, so why not try jump on in with them and see if they would facilitate it?

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