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Will Quentin Richardson's Body Hold Up?

While I'm behind the Orlando Magic's addition of free-agent sniper Quentin Richardson, the move is hardly perfect. Two prominent NBA scribes echoed one another in their appraisal of Richardson, which bears discussing as a sort of counterpoint to yesterday's optimism about his jumper.

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie says Richardson can be "a solid minutes-sopper" as long as he stayed in shape, but that he "won't nearly be as good as Matt Barnes was" in 2009/10.

John Hollinger also raises questions about Richardson's conditioning and speed. "He's slow as molasses," Hollinger writes, while suggesting Richardson will come off the bench and Mickael Pietrus will start.

Richardson is just 30, but given his status as a volume three-point shooter, and some nagging back injuries, I imagine most NBA fans would peg him as 34 or 35. In reality, Richardson's deal will take him through age 34.