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Orlando Magic Free-Agency Rumors, Day One: Carlos Boozer's Name Keeps Popping Up

As the first day of NBA free agency grinds along, Utah Jazz power forward Carlos Boozer has emerged as the name most associated with the Orlando Magic. Since my first Boozer update this morning, Utah's The Deseret News called the Magic "a legitimate contender" for Boozer's services, and Chad Ford has said, "don't be surprised to see Boozer heading to a team like the Orlando Magic."

Ford also dishes on whom the Magic have made available:

The Magic have been offering Marcin Gortat, Brandon Bass, the expiring contract of Vince Carter to interested teams. The Jazz may also have interest in a sign-and-trade for J.J. Redick. They still need a shooter to replace Kyle Korver.

It's important to note that nothing regarding Boozer, or any other player, is imminent, at least as far as the Magic are concerned. But the breadth of sources picking up on their association with him appears to indicate that there's interest on their end.