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Off-Day Open Thread: What Do You Make of the Orlando Magic's Four-Out/One-In Offense?

Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox
Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has become infamous for the way he exhorts his team to shoot three-pointers at a high volume, and particularly for playing Rashard Lewis, a career small forward before joining Orlando in 2007, at power forward in order to space the floor for center Dwight Howard. Yet after three seasons which have produced no championships, media and fans alike have called that strategy into question. And with Marcin Gortat saying he wants to to develop a mid-range jumper so he can play power forward, and Van Gundy himself admitting he'll consider moving Rashard Lewis to small forward, it seems like Orlando might distance itself from playing four-around-one and instead go with a more conventional three-around-two offense.

I've tried to make my position on this issue clear, but I'll repeat myself: Howard's just about the last player in the league who needs "protection" from a conventional power forward, and shrinking the floor a) makes Howard easier to defend; and b) means fewer three-point shots and more long two-pointers, which makes the offense markedly less efficient.

So I wanted to ask your thoughts on the four-around-one offense. You can vote in the poll in this thread to make yourself heard, but I (as always) encourage discussion in the comments as well.

And yes, I am aware that, strictly speaking, every day from now until the first preseason game constitutes an "off-day."