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Savage: Marcin Gortat Wants to Add to His Game, Play More at Power Forward

Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox
Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox

Looks like the fact that Marcin Gortat had a disappointing season isn't lost on the Orlando Magic's backup center. In this story by Dan Savage of, Gortat explains that he's letting failure fuel his offseason work, which centers around expanding his offense so he can play the power forward to Dwight Howard's center at times:

"If I can consistently shoot 17 to 18-foot jumpers then I am going to be able to play as a four man a little bit more," he said. "I don’t think there’s a problem with me playing there from a defensive standpoint. I’m pretty confident that I can defend most of the fours in the league and I definitely know the defensive rotations and the defensive schemes. But I have to improve my offensive game. I believe I have offensive game; I just have to show it."

He's got a long road ahead of him; Synergy Sports Technology shows that Gortat has shot 19-of-57 on jumpshots in his NBA career. But even if he did become more proficient with his mid-range jumper, Orlando's offense works best with a power forward who has three-point range. However, it certainly wouldn't hurt Gortat to develop a better touch.