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What the Launch of SB Nation Regional Sites Means for Orlando Pinstriped Post

If you loafed around SB Nation yesterday, you may have seen the announcement from its CEO, Jim Bankoff, that it's expanding its sports coverage into regional sites; Arizona, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Washington D.C. were the first ones, and 14 more sites will launch in the coming weeks. He explains everything here, and you can read more about the company in the New York Times. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain what bearing the new sites have on our Orlando Magic community here.

None of the regional sites includes Orlando; Tampa Bay will get its own hub for the Rays, Lightning, Buccaneers, and Bulls on June 23rd, but Magic coverage won't go there. However, I have joined SB Nation's online newsroom, which means I'm on the clock for 20 hours a week, contributing stories to the regional sites, primarily ones located out East. For instance, here's a StoryStreamTM I started on SB Nation Detroit about the Pistons' desire to draft a big man this year, and a bit for SB Nation New York for the MLB Draft.

Obviously, OPP will still command my full attention, and I hope to continue the conversation going here. In no way does the arrival of SB Nation regional mean I'm moving on from OPP. However, from noon to 4 each weekday, I'm on SB Nation's time, which means my activity here during those hours will be limited.