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Experts Evaluate the Orlando Magic's 2010 NBA Draft

The dust has settled after the 2010 NBA Draft long enough to fairly assign grades to each team, which obviously includes the Orlando Magic, who selected Daniel Orton and Stanley Robinson with the 29th and 59th picks, respectively. Here's a quick look at what the peanut gallery's had to say about the Magic's draft haul.

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie:

Orton could be a contributor at some point, but it probably won't be with Orlando, as the Magic need to find whatever magic the Celtics worked with Kendrick Perkins back in 2004-05 (Perk's second year) to get him on the right track. Robinson is a project as well.

Grade - B

Chad Ford of ESPN Insider:


The Magic had a good draft, potentially striking gold at No. 29 and No. 59 in the draft. But Orlando has a lot of work ahead, because while both Orton and Robinson have the raw tools to succeed, they're far from being ready to really contribute.

Adi Joseph of


Orlando had a simple draft: two low picks, two very good values. Orton was never worthy of the lottery hype some analysts gave him, but at 29th overall, the Magic can afford the risk and potentially reap the reward. Robinson was easily the best player available at No. 59. It's refreshing to see a team not overthink anything and just make solid choices.

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports:

Not great picks, but they used then to get some potential backups for Dwight Howard. If they can do that on the cheap then this looks like a much better draft.

Grade: C+

Matt O'Brien of SB Nation:

Three points and three rebounds. That's what Orton averaged as a freshman at Kentucky. Anyone who says they have a clue how he'll develop at the next level is lying. Robinson is a better gamble at the end of the second round; his rim-rattling finishing and emerging perimeter game give him a chance to contribute down the line.


Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News:

He's perfectly suited to his role with the team. He trained for it all year: He hardly ever played (13.2 minutes per game) because [DeMarcus] Cousins was so much better and won't play now because Dwight Howard is a superstar.