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Orlando Magic News for June 21st: Potential Magic Draft Picks and More

  • Orlando Magic could look for point guard, wing player in NBA draft -

    Josh Robbins and Tania Ganguli spoke with NBA Director of Scouting Ryan Blake about which players in the draft who are likely to be around when the Orlando Magic select at no. 29 could most help the team. He likes point guards Mikhail Torrance and Jerome Randle.

  • Who Is?: Dominique Jones

    Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily continues his Magic draft prospect profiles with this look at Dominique Jones, the point guard from South Florida who "makes an interesting pick" because "he can put up points in bunches."

  • Who Is?: Greivis Vazquez

    Also see his look at Greivis Vasquez, the big Maryland point guard who would like to avoid the fates of similarly sized Magic draft busts Jeryl Sasser and Reece Gaines.

  • It's Now or Never for the Orlando Magic | Magic Basketball

    Eddy says the traditional Eastern Conference powers are in flux, which means it's time for the Magic to seize control of the East and win a championship.

  • Going bigger will significantly change Magic playing style – En Fuego

    George Diaz has seen enough of coach Stan Van Gundy's offense and has come away with the impression that it can't win a championship. He believes the Magic should, and will, go with a bigger lineup next season, one with a traditional power forward, and with Rashard Lewis moving to small forward.