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Givony: Fran Vazquez "Could Start on a Number of NBA Teams"

Jonathan Givony, most famously of Draft Express, just published this look at various overseas players whose draft rights some NBA teams own at Sports Illustrated. One such player is Fran Vazquez, whom the Orlando Magic drafted 11th overall in 2005. Givony has nothing but praise for Vazquez, which is just sad news for Orlando:

The Spanish big man could start on a number of NBA teams thanks to his athleticism, shot-blocking ability and rebounding prowess. But that seems unlikely at this point, as Vazquez, Rubio's teammate in Barcelona, is comfortable in his native country and hasn't really been courted all that heavily by Orlando.

I say the news is sad not because the Magic would rather Vazquez fail, but rather because he's a useful player who likely won't ever suit up for Orlando. Or any NBA team, really. With big men Brandon Bass and Marcin Gortat potentially available for trade, the Magic would benefit from having Vazquez line up in their frontcourt, but it doesn't appear as though it'll ever happen.