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Off-Day Open Thread: Doc Rivers and You

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Plenty of questions arose after the L.A. Lakers put the finishing touches on their second straight championship last night. Questions like, "Why did Rasheed Wallace wait outside the referees' locker room after the game?" "Where can I get in touch with Ron Artest so he can write acceptance speeches?" and "How many different ways can we ask if Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan?"

But for Orlando Magic fans, the most interesting question is whether Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers will return. To be fair, it's one that guys like Marc Stein were asking hours before tipoff, but you get the idea. After an emotional postgame news conference, Rivers walked off the podium to a standing ovation from the media, which veteran reporter Chris Mannix said he'd never seen.

I say Rivers is relevant to the Magic's fans because Orlando is where he and his family make their home, and he got his head-coaching start here. Despite his coaching the hated Celtics, I get the sense that Rivers is fairly well liked around town. I wanted to see how everyone else feels about that, so I'm opening up the floor to discussion of Rivers. Let it all out, guys.