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Why Dwight Howard Reminds Me of a Certain Character from the Film _Up_

Last night, I became approximately the last person under the age of 30 to watch the film Up, which is depressing, because it instantly became one of my favorites, and I feel like a jerk for not seeing it the moment it hit theaters. Good grief, what a movie.

And because the Orlando Magic dominate my thoughts to a ridiculous degree, I found parallels between one of the film's characters and Dwight Howard, Orlando's franchise center. After the jump, I'll explain--with only the vaguest of spoilers, I promise--which character that is.

Kevin. I'm talking about Kevin, the big, goofy bird. This fella.

See, Kevin is strong; impossibly quick; a bit awkward; has a skinny lower body; carries the hopes and dreams of people young and old alike on his back; drags his opponents with him as though they are not there; and takes a lot of punishment.

Now, if you're not a fan of Howard, you'll point out that Kevin's a girl, and make some snide comment about Howard's lack of killer instinct. Originality!

Anyway, I thought this comparison apt, and worth sharing. Plus, I needed an excuse to write about that delightful movie.