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Off-Day Open Thread: Have the NBA Finals Colored Your Impression of the Orlando Magic?

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Orlando Magic fans might find themselves in a bit of a bind when it comes to picking a team to support in the NBA Finals. That's true now as it was two weeks ago, when the Boston Celtics sent Orlando packing to meet the L.A. Lakers for the second time in three years in a matchup of the teams who ended Orlando's last two seasons. So this rooting interest angle isn't quite new.

But with the Celtics just one win away from another title after last night's stirring defeat of L.A., it's become clear that the Magic may have seen their last two seasons end at the hands of NBA champions. I'm not sure what to do with that. So I thought I'd ask you. No poll question, or anything, with this post. I want the discussion to be as open-ended as possible.

Have at it, everyone.