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Orlando Magic 2010 Mock Draft Update, Vol. 1.5: Point Guards Aplenty

As I continue to try to get a better idea of whom the Orlando Magic could target with the 29th pick in this year's NBA Draft, I thought it might be useful to take another quick look around the internet to see what the experts are saying. As a quick follow-up to Thursday's post on the subject, here are what three more mock drafts say about Orlando's potential pick. Two of the three players didn't appear in Thursday's report, and all are point guards.

Player Ht. Age Pos. From Comparison
6'03" 21 PG Nevada Antonio
The Baseline
6'02" 19 PG Kentucky Keyon
6'05" 20 PG Mississippi NBA FanHouse

For me, White's the most interesting player on the list. I mean "interesting" in the literal sense, not necessarily because I believe he'd make sense with the Magic. But at 6'05", he's tall for a point guard. If he learned the Magic's offense and developed into an adequate distributor, he could stay on the court long enough to deploy his physical tools on defense. Though he only defended 24 isolation possessions this season, according to Synergy Sports Technology, opponents scored on just 8 of them.

Offensively, the best fit of the three players here might be Bledsoe. He's a knock-down jump-shooter, scoring 1.081 points per shot at the college level, which Synergy deems "excellent." Though shooting won't necessarily translate to the pro game, you have to think that his catch-and-shoot figures would hold up, which would make him quite useful. He scored 1.198 points per shot in those situations, including a blistering 1.333 when left open. For comparison, Rashard Lewis (1.369) and Mickael Pietrus (1.361) were the only Magic players to exceed that efficiency this season. Granted, comparing shooting efficiency across the pro and college game, with their different rules and styles of play, might be perilous. But those stats are still worth considering.