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Jameer Nelson Steps His Game Up in the Postseason

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Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson has helped keep his team a perfect 6-0 in the playoffs with his shooting and ability to break down opposing defenses off the dribble. There really ought not to be a debate about who the Magic's playoff MVP is to date, and you could make a decent case for him being the league's Most Improved Player in the postseason as well. Here's a quick look at how his stats have improved in the playoffs, and where he stands among his peers in these categories.

Stat Reg. Season
(PG Rank, of 68)
(PG Rank, of 29)
PPG 12.6 (16th) 22.3 (3rd)
True Shooting 54.0% (25th) 65.9% (1st)
Player Efficiency Rating 15.55 (27th) 28.34 (1st)
TO Rate 11.1 (34th) 6.4 (4th)
Estimated Wins Added 4.2 (27th) 1.8 (2nd)
Usage 22.0 (23rd) 24.2 (7th)

That sort of uptick in production, especially after an iffy regular season? Crazy. CrazyNuts, even.