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Orlando Magic 114, Atlanta Hawks 71: the Morning After

  • Fast Breaks: Magic-Hawks, Game 1 - Paul Forrester -

    Paul Forrester of Sports Illustrated breaks down how the Orlando Magic dismantled the Atlanta Hawks last night, and makes some excellent points. What really caught my eye was his conclusion:

    But let's be honest -- Orlando is built to win a title and is playing like it. The Magic may be technically the No. 2 seed, but in watching them easily handle the first five games of these playoffs, the Eastern title goes through Orlando.

  • Recap: Orlando Magic 114, Atlanta Hawks 71 | Magic Basketball

    Eddy details just how jumper-happy the Hawks' offense got in the second quarter, in contrast to the Magic's crisper offense.

  • NBA Playoffs, Magic Hawks Game 1: Orlando beats Atlanta so bad that Cleveland gets the message - ProBasketballTalk

    Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk calls last night's Magic victory "THE statement game of the playoffs." Their blowout win is a message to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he writes.

  • The Hawks lose Game 1 by 43 points, and it seemed worse | Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal Constitution says the Hawks really shouldn't be so surprised that they lost in such a lopsided way.

    "This was uncharacteristic of us," [Joe] Johnson said afterward, but it was perfectly in character. This is a team that has played 13 road games the past three postseasons and has lost 11 of them, nine by at least 19 points. Even if this was the most egregious, it was simply the continuation of a regrettable pattern.

  • Here’s the clueless Atlanta side… – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel is incredulous at some of the comments the Hawks made after the game. He zings Josh Smith, who complained about the officiating yet later conceded that the officials weren't the sole reason Atlanta lost, pretty good right here:

    Yeah, a few more calls here and there, and you’d have lost by 37.