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Three Quick Takes on What the Orlando Magic Should Do This Offseason

The offseason started yesterday, and so too did the work of Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith. Orlando once again came up short of reaching its goal of winning an NBA championship and changes are sure to come. Key rotation cogs Jason Williams, Matt Barnes, and J.J. Redick will all enter free agency, while Smith also must decide if he wants to stick with Vince Carter, his prized acquisition last summer, or shift gears there as well. And while I'm still not sure where I stand on all these issues, well, some people aren't so reserved.

Tim Povtak of NBA FanHouse, for instance, speculates about what could happen, though the bigger story coming from that post is that franchise center Dwight Howard isn't satisfied with the current roster.

John Hollinger of ESPN says Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass are "obvious trade chips," and believes Orlando should seek "a perimeter player who can be a go-to offensive force in his own right." More from Hollinger:

Coming up with such a talent won't be easy, obviously, but the Magic have a surplus of frontcourt assets -- Gortat, Bass and promising second-year pro Ryan Anderson -- and, until further notice, are willing to spend for the right player. (And no, for heaven's sakes, that player is not named Hedo.)

And count Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel among the traditionalists who think the Magic should reconsider their four-out, one-in offense:

Maybe it’s time the Magic try playing a traditional power forward who can help protect Howard and score inside instead of relying on 3-balls. Maybe move Lewis back to the 3 or small forward spot.

Obviously, we'll have more on all the summer goings-on here at OPP. But for right now, that's where things stand.