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Vote: Was the Orlando Magic's 2009/2010 Season a Failure?

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The Orlando Magic's season ended in defeat last night, and while we'll eventually turn our attention to the 2010/2011 campaign, I do think looking back at this one makes sense. And so, to kick off a long offseason of discussion, I pose this question:

Was the Magic's season this year a failure?

People within the organization would say yes. Here's Otis Smith, who, as general manager, assembled the team, explaining that view to Jonathan Abrams of the New York Times:

"It’s always championship or bust," he said. "You can’t go into the season and say if you finish second, it’s good. No, we failed. There’s no question about it. Our guys will tell you about it, we failed. You can’t wake up in the morning and say, I think we’re going to finish second. If you set the bar low, you can achieve that. That’s human nature."

Coach Stan Van Gundy agrees, writes Mike Bianchi:

"I think all of us understand that we will be judged as not having had a successful season if we don’t win a championship, and certainly if we don’t go to the Finals," Van Gundy said.

But now that the season's over, I'm turning that question over to you. The poll will remain open for two weeks, so don't feel compelled to vote right away. Simmer for a bit, if you must.