Follow @O_Rena_Chants on Twitter!

Hey everyone, we are at a crucial point  in this series where a win tonight puts all the pressure squarely on the Celtics, so lets give our guys the best home court advantage tonight by being the loudest the O-Rena has ever been in its history, and that is saying something if we can pull it off. The best way to do this is to make sure we are all on the same page with what we are cheering or chanting. I have started a Twitter account named @O_Rena_Chants where you can submit ideas on what we should chant tonight. I have some decent ideas already, but I would love to hear some more good ideas about what we can do to get into the Celtics players heads during Timeouts and Free Throws. Even in dead ball situations we can start some chants. The key though is to be clear and concise with what were chanting so it is easy for others in the O-Rena to catch on. I have already gotten support from Ben Q Rock and I hope others will continue to follow @O_Rena_Chants on Twitter so we can give our team the best home court advantage they have ever played with. Here's the Link to the Twitter account!!!


Thanks everyone for your help and GO MAGIC!

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