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Would You Prefer that the Orlando Magic's Season End Tonight?

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Would you rather the Boston Celtics sweep the Orlando Magic out of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, or would you prefer to see Orlando live to die another day? Forgive me for the morbid topic, but I believe it merits discussion, with Game 4 slated for 8:30 this evening.

A Magic win brings the series back to Orlando for Game 5, and likely the last game of hoops ever played at Amway Arena. And while it's nice to think that a loud Magic crowd would be there to close the building out in style, recent history suggests that outcome is less likely. The last time Orlando played a Game 5 at home, in the 2009 NBA Finals, L.A. Lakers fans filled most of the building. Given the high concentration of transplanted Bostonians in the Orlando area, and it's easy to imagine a Game 5 in Orlando playing out similarly to the last game of last season's Finals. One can make a case for Amway Arena deserving better than that. In a way, isn't that ending worse than the alternative, with the lasting memory of that building being Vince Carter's missed free throws and J.J. Redick's failure to call timeout?