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Orlando Magic Center Marcin Gortat Rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks in Today's Game 7

Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox
Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox

Via his Twitter account, Orlando Magic center Marcin Gortat, who's come up big for the Magic in their brief postseason to date, has expressed his desire for the Milwaukee Bucks to defeat the Atlanta Hawks in their Game 7 today. Gortat's Magic will face the winner of that series. Here's what he said, in full:

I hope bucks will win! ....they really need A.Bogut

He's referencing franchise center Andrew Bogut, who's out for a while with hand, wrist, and elbow injuries. That the Bucks have pushed the higher-seeded Hawks to 7 games without him attests to their resolve and depth.

It doesn't sound like Gortat's rooting for the Bucks is rooted in any sort of preference to play them, though. I guess he, like a lot of other people, likes a good underdog story. Thus, I wouldn't read too deeply into what he's said here. Not bulletin-board material.

Orlando opens its next series this Tuesday at 8 PM at Amway Arena.