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Video: Kevin Arnovitz and David Thorpe Break Down Dwight Howard's Game 1 Struggles

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard had an afternoon to forget yesterday in a Game 1 loss to the Boston Celtics, at least on the offensive end. He managed just 13 points on 15 shooting possessions, and had 7 turnovers to boot. Editor supreme Kevin Arnovitz put together a... well, "highlight" isn't quite the right word... reel of Howard's day and then got David Thorpe on the horn to discuss it. Check it out; you'll learn something.

For me, the biggest point Thorpe makes is that Howard is too deliberate with his moves against Boston's Kendrick Perkins. The video shows that moving slowly against Perkins gives him time to establish a low base and knock Howard away from where he wants to be. It also lets Perkins get away with more physical activity. But when Howard's on the move, and Perkins is giving him the business? Much more obvious for the officials. So the advantages of moving faster are twofold: Howard will score easier and, at least in theory, draw more fouls.

Howard spoke a lot before this series about using his athletic advantage on Perkins, Rasheed Wallace, and Glen Davis rather than trying to drive straight through them. He didn't take his own advice in Game 1. Arnovitz's video underscores the importance of Howard exploiting his athletic gifts against Boston.