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Orlando Magic News for May 12th: the Bench, Rest, and a Dream Finals Pairing

  • A Progress Report of "The Magic Show," Part I | Magic Basketball

    Eddy examines the postseason performances of the four Orlando Magic reserves playing major minutes. What strikes me is how well Mickael Pietrus and Marcin Gortat are playing, and Gortat's doing it despite his block rate plummeting 75%.

  • MAGIC: Denton: Magic Earn Chance to Rest

    "Rhythm and flow are vitally important to basketball players," John Denton writes, but "no amount of time could distract [the Magic] from its mission of trying to win a championship."

  • Dream Finals: Magic vs. Suns

    Whit Watson of Sun Sports explains why an Orlando Magic / Phoenix Suns NBA Finals matchup would be the bee's knees. That's my term, not his.