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Happy Birthday, Brandon Bass!

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Orlando Magic power forward Brandon Bass turns 25 years old today. The Magic's highest-priced offseason signing at $16 million over 4 years, Bass has struggled to crack the rotation, appearing in a mere 50 games and recording 31 DNP-Coach's Decisions as coach Stan Van Gundy more often elected to play the floor-spreading Ryan Anderson, who is, coincidentally, one of the two players younger than Bass on the roster. The other is Dwight Howard, the All-Star center, two-time reigning defensive of the year, and Olympic gold medalist. Oh, and backup center Marcin Gortat is just 26, and 30-year-old power forward Rashard Lewis is on the Magic's books for roughly $63.4 million guaranteed over the next three seasons. To say that Orlando is stacked at the power positions for the foreseeable future is an understatement.

In any case, when he signed in Orlando, Bass surely thought he'd get more playing time than he has. Heck, I did too; if you're the sort of person who loves ribbing people for being wrong, I advise you reconsider your worldview, and then click that link. It seems likely that he and his agent will pursue a trade this offseason. But for right now, he's keeping quiet, working hard, and trying to stay ready in case Van Gundy calls his number.

Many happy returns, Brandon.