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Orlando Magic News for April 29th: Magic Turn Attention to Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks

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  • Magic preparing as if they’ll play Milwaukee on Sunday – Orlando Magic BasketBlog

    Tania Ganguli says the Orlando Magic went through "a long, grueling workout" today while focusing on the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee is the only team they could potentially play this Sunday, hence the heightened focus on them, as opposed to the Atlanta Hawks. Here's Magic coach Stan Van Gundy on what makes the Bucks, whom the Magic swept in the regular season, dangerous (brackets hers):

    "All of their perimeter guys that they play, they’re basically playing five guys, [Brandon] Jennings, [John] Salmons, [Carlos] Delfino, [Jerry] Stackhouse and [Luke] Ridnour, all five of them can shoot the ball with range to three, and all five of them can create their own shots off the dribble," Van Gundy said.

    Van Gundy also has an interesting opinion on why the Bucks might be better off despite the absence of franchise center Andrew Bogut, who suffered a horrific hand, wrist, and elbow injury late in the regular season.

  • Practice Report: Thursday, April 29th | Howard the Dunk

    Here's Andrew Melnick's practice report from Howard The Dunk. He asked Marcin Gortat what he's learned from watching the Bucks/Hawks series.

    "I learned that Milwaukee is a really dangerous team," Gortat said." I don’t know what Atlanta is doing on defense. That’s all I can tell you."

    More gold from Van Gundy, this time regarding the $35,000 fine he received for criticizing NBA referees last week, appears near the bottom of the story.

  • Video Analysis: Dwight Howard's "Foul-umentary" | Magic Basketball

    I linked to this post earlier today, but in case you missed it, here's Eddy's film of Dwight Howard's 16 fouls in the first 3 games of the Magic's series against the Charlotte Bobcats. Draw your own conclusions.